Fintech Leadership

About the Programme

This three-day, interactive workshop is for senior teams within banks and other financial services firms. You will:

  • understand the fintech and digital forces shaping the global banking sector
  • cut through the noise and develop your own response
  • learn from a world-class faculty of academics and industry practitioners    
  • be able to specifically tailor the learning to your market or to on-site delivery in your company

The programme will help you and your team to get a better understanding of:

  • the global fintech trends shaping the banking sector
  • the key emerging technologies and their potential applications      
  • new players and new business models
  • your own organisation’s state of readiness to compete
  • organisational blind-spots and key threats in existing markets
  • where opportunities might be for digital innovations
  • how to prioritise investment in digital technology to respond to these opportunities and challenges

Who is the Programme for?

This programme will be of value to senior level teams in banks and other financial services organisations with responsibility for strategy and digital transformation. In particular, the session will benefit c-level executives, directors and heads with responsibilities for:

  • customer channels
  • product development
  • support functions such as risk and compliance
  • technology
  • digital
  • innovation.

The Programme

Indicative Content

  • Megatrends: what is changing for big banks?
    • Global megatrends due to digital transformation and fintech
    • Industry level examples from Europe, USA and Asia
    • Potential impact over next few years
  • Interactive exercise: the impact of fintech trends in your existing market
  • Enabling technologies: Cloud and application programming interfaces (APIs)
    • The potential impacts of cloud and APIs on traditional banking relationships and models
    • Banking as a platform
    • Opportunities for collaboration, product development and customer engagement
  • Open banking
    • Open banking – opportunities and threats
    • Regulation around the world
    • Implementation strategies – incumbents and challengers
    • Open banking implications
  • Interactive exercise: Opportunities and threats to your institution from open banking
  • Enabling technologies: artificial intelligence (AI)
    • An introduction to machine learning and robotics
    • Example of AI applications in banking
      • Risk management
      • Compliance
      • Customer service
  • How to be a digital leader
    • Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Coping with ambiguity and managing yourself and others in a disruptive environment
    • Lessons learnt from start-ups
  • Challenger bank business models
    • Current account vs payment vs lending – entry business models
    • The basis of competition
    • Regulatory strategy
    • Cross-sell imperatives
    • Cost structure
  • Incumbent responses
    • Generic response strategies
    • Lessons from successes and failures
    • Implications for the future
  • Interactive exercise: determining the digital blind spots and priorities for your institution
  • Enabling technologies: distributed ledgers and blockchain
    • Principles of blockchain
    • Crypto applications
    • Private vs public blockchain
    • Emerging banking applications
  • Unlocking value through innovation in control functions
    • Regtech innovations and applications 
    • New approaches to risk and compliance as a competitive advantage 
  • New lender business models
    • Segment focus
    • Consumer vs SMB business models
    • Risk management
    • Funding strategies
    • Cost structure
  • Interactive exercise: comparing new lender models to incumbent banks
  • New payment business models
    • Disruption in remittances
    • Disruption in international payments
    • Merchant acquiring
    • Overview of challenger strategies
  • Threats from big tech
    • How real is the big tech threat?
    • Key opportunities and barriers for big tech entry to the market
    • Implications for incumbents   
  • Interactive exercise: assessing the state of the fintech response from your bank
  • Next steps and take-aways
    • Defining your future digital learning agenda
    • Developing your 180-day action plan

Tailor this programme for your own Company's needs

Our faculty are adept at designing and delivering bespoke executive education programmes, that will meet the needs of your institutions and learners. We can adapt the content from the programmes above to reflect your organisational priorities and the circumstances of specific teams. We can also deliver it over a range of timescales, from a few days to a few months, and in a variety of formats – to accommodate the needs of your organisation and the course participants.

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