Fintech Regulation

About the Programme

A two-day interactive workshop for senior teams within financial institutions, in tech companies and financial regulators. You will:

  • understand how regulation and supervision impacts the financial technology sector and organisations working within it
  • adopt new strategic approaches to respond to the existing regulatory environment in your location
  • discuss the possible strategic responses with world-class academics and industry practitioners    
  • get training that’s tailored to your company, agency or regulatory regime’s specific needs and circumstances

You and your team will develop an enhanced understanding of:

  • fintech developments and expected scenarios
  • the implications for the financial services industry, financial markets and regulators      
  • new players and new key risks associated with further expansion of the fintech sector
  • your own organisation’s opportunities and key risks associated with fintech
  • the pros and cons for businesses of the changing regulatory agenda and the development of fintech products and services
  • regulation, technology and innovation – the key challenges for regulatory authorities and the financial sector

Who is the Programme for?

This programme is designed for senior level teams in financial institutions, fintech companies, central banks, financial regulators and finance ministries. The course will be of particular value to C-Level executives, directors and heads with responsibilities for:

  • Strategy
  • Financial product and services innovation
  • Regulation and policy
  • Compliance and risk
  • Innovation hubs, accelerators and regulatory sandboxes
  • Licensing fintech companies

The Programme

Indicative Content

  • Fintech developments and future trends
    • An overview of fintech in the global context
    • Current challenges faced by firms in financial and technology innovation
    • Forward-looking scenarios for the development of fintech services and solutions
    • The drivers behind Fintech adoption
    • Emerging markets and social impact
  • Interactive exercise: the impact of current and future business activities on firm competitiveness and financial stability
  • Case studies for specific types of institutions – banks, insurance companies, technological companies
  • The approaches and market implications of different approaches to innovation and technology solutions
    • Creative destruction vs disruptive innovation
    • An open innovation approach – collaboration across different industries
    • Accelerators
    • Unbundling financial institution businesses 
  • Fintech companies and financial stability
    • Financial disintermediation
    • Market competitiveness
    • Virtual currencies
    • Risk for consumers
    • Risk for financial institutions
    • Risks for regulators and supervisors
  • Interactive exercise: adopting new methods for effective governance and risk management at firm level
  • Regulation and supervision in the era of fintech
    • Regulatory perimeters and regulatory whitespaces
    • Data privacy and artificial intelligence
    • Governance
    • Risk management
    • Cyber security
  • Regulatory sandboxes
    • The concept of regulatory sandboxes
    • The operational structure of sandboxes
    • Regulatory sandboxes and their implementation
  • Interactive exercise: the pros and cons of accelerators and regulatory sandboxes for systemic stability
  • Innovation in regulatory and supervisory technology: ‘regtech and suptech’
    • Data collection and data analytics
    • Expected benefits
    • Challenges in developing (using) ‘regtech and suptech’ applications
    • Implementation of ‘regtech and suptech’ – a business approach
  • Licensing regimes for fintech companies: case study from the European Union
    • Authorising and licensing approaches for innovative fintech business models
  • Interactive exercise: the main challenges of implementing sound practices of fintech regulation in your jurisdiction
  • Next steps and take-aways
    • Defining your organisations development agenda
    • Developing your 180-day action plan

Tailor this programme for your own Company's needs

Our faculty are adept at designing and delivering bespoke executive education programmes, that will meet the needs of your institutions and learners. We can adapt the content from the programmes above to reflect your organisational priorities and the circumstances of specific teams. We can also deliver it over a range of timescales, from a few days to a few months, and in a variety of formats – to accommodate the needs of your organisation and the course participants.

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