Strategic Management in Innovation & Banking

About the Programme

Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking (SMIB) looks at the strategy influencers that drive change and innovation in the banking and finance industry.

It provides managers with the skills they need to devise and implement strategies that achieve organisational goals.

You will study the concept of strategy, how to analyse the factors that drive change and you will learn how to understand the risks and threats associated with strategic choices.

Who is the Programme for?

This programme is for anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge digital transformation – and the challenges and opportunities it presents to banking. We will teach you how to use customer journey and service design processes for the digital age.


Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking (SMIB) is a Level 6 qualification which is registered with Ofqual.

This qualification is available through various apprenticeship standards, including the Level 6 Financial Services Professional Apprenticeship standard when the qualification along with the Chartered Associate Programme.

You can book your exam at test centres nationwide or through remote invigilation.

The Programme

Indicative Content

  • Strategy that drives innovation in banking and finance
  • Conceptual aspects of promoting theoretical change
  • Risk management for strategic changes
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    Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking (SMIB) qualification specification.

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